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Book Character Parade

Published: November 09, 2022 12:08 PM

This is a contest to showcase our favorite Pinoy Book Character while enjoying and being creative. It is also an avenue to promote the love of reading and show the community our desire to conduct a fun “dress up” contest.

1. The contest is open for a San Josenio student in Junior High from public and private school.
2. It will be a one entry per school only (solo, tandem or group).
3. Each entry shall be a representation of any FIilipino story book. (i.e Crisostomo Ibarra from Noli Me Tangere, Apolaki from Philippine Mythology, Si Malakas at si Maganda and etc.)
4. Participants are encouraged to use recyclable materials or materials that are available at home (i.e curtains, bed sheets, towels, old newspaper, plastic bottle, old sacks etc.)
5. Participants will present and model their costume on November 22, 9 A.M at Pag-asa Sports Complex, Brgy. F.E Marcos, San Jose City.
6. All participants should bring the book or the reference of their character/costume.
7. Confirmation for the contest should be accompanied by an endorsement letter from your respective schools to be submitted on or before November 18, 2022, thru our FB page Aklatang Lungsod San Jose
8. Winners will be determined based on the combined percentage of the judge’s votes.
9. Announcement of winners will be on the same day right after the competition.

45%.………Stage Presentation (how the costume was executed; able to represent the character and convinces the audience)
30%………. Creativity and Uniqueness (resourcefulness, artistic and innovative use of materials)
20%………. Overall Design (the entire costume must be complementary and fit together)
5%…………Audience Impact

1ST PRIZE: P5,000.00
2ND PRIZE: P3,000.00
3RD PRIZE: P2,000.00