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Social Composition and Characteristics, Population Size, Growth Rate and Distribution, Birth and Death Rate, Population Density per Barangay, Age-Sex Distribution, Ratio and Dependency Ratio, Present Status of Well-Being, and Labor Force

Population Size, Growth Rate and Distribution

In year 2015, the city has registered an average of 1.8% population growth rate. It has increased from the 1.7% average in year 2014. The population size is distributed into urban and rural areas. Urban barangays which consist of 10 barangays has a total of 59,409 while rural barangays of 28 barangays has a population totalling to 82,172 recording an entirety of 141, 581.

Birth and Death Rate

The crude birth rate of the city is 20.24 as of 2015 while the crude death rate is 6.67.

Present Status of Well Being

Health, Social Welfare, Education, Housing, Employment and Income, Recreation and Sports Facilities, and Protective Services

Labor Force

Published: May 24, 2019 11:53 AM
Based on the 2015 statistics, the city has a potential labor force of 86,836 representing 62.90% of the total population.